Monday, 7 April 2014

YOU ARE THE HERO at the Sci-Fi Weekender

Over a week ago now, I was in North Wales for the Sci-Fi Weekender 5. I was there really with my Steampunk hat on, but over the course of the weekend a number of people came up to me and introduced themselves as backers of YOU ARE THE HERO (which was nice).

It also just so happened that a couple of the people I interviewed for the book were there - namely film-maker Martin Gooch and Seas of Blood cover artist Rodney Matthews. (You can find out more about the Weekender here.)

 Martin Gooch, Archimedes the Steampunk Parrot, and Jonathan Green at the Sci-Fi Weekender 5.

 Seas of Blood cover artist Rodney Matthews.

In other news, the final manuscript of the book has come in at 98,625 words, although Ian Livingstone is still keen it should hit the 100,000 mark... which might just happen once all the photo tags are in...

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