Tuesday, 10 June 2014

YOU ARE THE HERO and the problem with Kickstarter projects

I often find myself feeling guilty that YOU ARE THE HERO is six months overdue and still not out yet, although I feel less guilty than I used to, especially when I've been doing this all evening...

And when we have something akin to a publication date in place...

I think many people underestimate how long it will take them to (a) run their Kickstarter campaign, (b) finish their project, and (c) get the thing made/published/downloaded so that everyone who pledged to the project can enjoy the finished product. I know I certainly did. Which got me thinking about all the various Kickstarters I backed in the run-up to launching the YOU ARE THE HERO campaign, during it and since it successfully funded.

So here are some fun, throwaway stats for you:

  • To date, via Kickstarter, I have run 2 projects. One funded, raising 142% of its target funding goal. One failed to fund, only achieving 40% of its target before it ran out of both time and steam.
  • However, I have backed 31 projects. Of these, one was cancelled and one failed to fund. 
  • Of the remaining 26, 9 I supported without asking for any reward. That leaves 17.
  • Of those 17, I have received the finished product from 10. 
  • That still leaves another 7 unaccounted for. Of those 7, all but one are overdue, the worst by over a year.

YOU ARE THE HERO is going to be about 8-9 months late by the time it comes out, but at least it is coming out, and it's ended up being three times the length originally anticipated. And you could join myself, Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Russ Nicholson, Chris Achilleos, Tony Hough and Philippa Dickinson at the official launch of the on Sunday 7 September.

May I'll see you there...

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