Wednesday, 3 September 2014

YOU ARE THE HERO - The first reviews

Thanks to the fact that Amazon are a law unto themselves, despite YOU ARE THE HERO's official publication day being this coming Sunday, some lucky individuals have already managed to get their hands on the book and give it a read. And, as a result, two reviews have appeared online already.

The first I became aware of was this one on The Realm of Chaos 80s blog:
"The book is a joy! An absolute joy!... Even if you have a slimmest interest in FF this book is worth buying. Every page brings a new memory, a new fact and a bigger, broader smile!"

And then this one appeared on Amazon itself:
"This absolutely excellent new publication is the definitive history of the triumph of the Fighting Fantasy book, chronicling their rise, their fall and their 21st century re-birth as essential tablet/phone apps. Crammed full with all the art work you will ever need about the series, maps, full colour paintings, concept work and much much more. Even if you only have a cursory flick through the books back in the day, you NEED to own a copy of this one."

Of course, having said that these are the first reviewers, they are in fact the first reviews written by the book-buying public. YOU ARE THE HERO has already been reviewed by SFX Magazine, and three other individuals, whose quotes appear on the back cover.

If you happen to read YOU ARE THE HERO, a favourable review on Amazon would be much appreciated. And, to be honest, if you're the sort of person who's going to purchase the book in the first place, I would hazard to guess that your review will be a favourable one. ;-)

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  1. I wrote both of these reviews and I would write 100 more if it helped spread the news about just how special the publication is. The Fighting Fantasy Fest looks fantastic! I hope its successful enough to warrant a future event because the date didn't work for me this time!