Monday, 17 December 2012


In this blog post, Brewin' gives his reasons why you should back YOU ARE THE HERO on Kickstarter...

If you know anything about gamebooks, you'll know what Fighting Fantasy is. Fighting Fantasy catalysed the gamebook genre more than any other, and filled many a childhood throughout the eighties including mine. Without Fighting Fantasy you may not have had most other gamebooks, you wouldn't have had Games Workshop (therefore the Warhammer games including Blood Bowl that I still play), and even role-playing games themselves (such as Dungeons and Dragons) wouldn't have been successful: in the UK, Europe and Australia at least where gamebooks were often "the gateway drug" to role-playing games.

So basically this Kickstarter is for a "coffee table" thirty year anniversary book of Fighting Fantasy, written by the Legendary Jonathan Green who's not only written a number of Fighting Fantasy titles but a Gamebook Adventures title and at least another 30 books as well (and many of these award-winning). It too needs your support if it's to happen!

There's been some other great Kickstarter projects lately, some of which have been successful, such as the epic gamebook Maelorum, and others such as Turn to 400 - The Fighting Fantasy Documentary which haven't. Sadly dreams can only be realised with time, money and publicity...

So, tell all your friends and back YOU ARE THE HERO on Kickstarter today!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out and best of luck with getting the go-ahead for such a worthy cause! (And I'm sure I meant to put "as" before the word "successful" in the text above haha, but the sentiment is the same!)