Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter - Day 6

Here's why Jake Thornton (desinger of Mantic Games' Dreadball) says you should pledge to support YOU ARE THE HERO on Kickstarter.

"This promises to be that rarest of items: an account of modern gaming history that I don’t already know.

There aren’t many books on the subject of recent gaming history, and sadly all the ones I have read have been fairly poor. I’m sure I missed a few, but this has been largely because I was so put off by the feeble efforts of the ones I have wasted hours trawling through. Mostly the authors seemed to know less than I did from simply being a customer at the time. You Are The Hero promises to be different as the author is not only a professional writer, but is also the author of several game books himself. He does proper research (increasingly a rather splendid novelty), rather than just using Wikipedia and guesswork and knows the business from both sides of the fence. These are all Good Things.

What I am hoping and expecting to end up with is an interesting and well illustrated read with lashings of nostalgia and some choice pieces of evocative art from my early days in gaming. I’m hoping to find out some amusing anecdotes along the way."

And that's exactly what he's going to get! :-)

You can find the YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter page here.

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