Saturday, 15 December 2012

YOU ARE THE HERO over on The Far Side(Kick)

Over on the The Far Side(Kick), P J Montgomery has given YOU ARE THE HERO a plug...

At this point, I need to mention the You Are The Hero Kickstarter project. Jonathan Green, who has written a number of acclaimed Fighting Fantasy books, including Spellbreaker, Bloodbones and Howl of the Werewolf, is writing a definitive history of the Fighting Fantasy series to celebrate thirty years of FF. Planned as a coffee table book featuring illustrations from many of the books, and interviews with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, Green is asking FF fans to help fund the project, and is a third of the way towards his goal already. This is a book I definitely want on my shelf, so if you’re interested in Fighting Fantasy, then I recommend you head over to the kickstarter and pledge a donation.

You can read P J's blog post (about The Forest of Doom) here.

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